General Plan Update

About The Plan

Fontana Forward is a planning process to update Fontana’s state-mandated General Plan, create a Downtown Area Plan, and revise Fontana’s zoning code. The city’s existing General Plan was last updated in October 2003. The State Department of Housing and Community Development certified an updated Housing Element in 2014 for the 2014-2021 planning period. The city’s Zoning and Development Code was adopted in 2004. The city’s existing General Plan can be found here.

In addition to the plan elements in the 2003 plan, this General Plan Update will also include an element on Health and Wellness, reflecting Fontana’s emphasis on improving community health through the Healthy Fontana program that began in 2004. The General Plan will also include focused planning and design attention to Valley Boulevard and Foothill Boulevard, as well as the downtown plan mentioned earlier.

Plan materials such as presentations, maps, draft documents, illustrations, and videos can be found in the Resources section of the website.

State Requirements, the State Planning Framework, and the Environmental Impact Report

Each city in California must prepare a comprehensive, long term general plan to guide its future (Government Code §65040.2). The General Plan provides guidance to decision makers on the physical development of the city. It expresses the city’s development goals and embodies public policy for the distribution of future land uses, both public and private. Seven elements are required by the state: land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise, and safety. Additional elements are permitted and elements can be combined or consolidated, as long as the mandated elements contain required content.

The goal of the state’s planning framework is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The framework (SB 375 and SB 226) calls for integrating land use, housing, and transportation to reduce greenhouse gases through diversifying land uses, developing multimodal transportation networks, and creating regional Sustainable Communities Strategies (SCS). Fontana is covered by the regional SCS prepared by the Southern California Association of Government’s (SCAG). Streamlined CEQA approvals or exemptions are available for development projects consistent with the state planning framework.

An environmental impact report (EIR), pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), is required whenever a community adopts a new general plan. The Fontana General Plan Update will be accompanied by an EIR prepared concurrently with the plan. The purpose of the EIR is to identify potential significant environmental impacts of proposals, alternatives with fewer adverse impacts, and potential ways to reduce or avoid environmental damage. The goal is to address significant environmental impacts and mitigation options. The extent of the EIR is to evaluate the proposed plan’s effect on the physical environment as it is now, and its impact on the environment that would exist under the proposed plan, including secondary and cumulative effects.

General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC)

The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) is a group of 25 people who serve as a sounding board and advisor to the planning team made up of consultants and City staff. Throughout the process, the GPAC will promote public participation in the project. After the first round of public meetings and outreach, the GPAC will work with the planning team to develop a vision for the future and a set of principles to guide the General Plan. As the draft General Plan emerges, the GPAC will review and comment on the entire draft plan before it goes into the public hearing process.

GPAC members were appointed by the Mayor and City Council from a list of people who expressed interest in participating on the GPAC by applying to the City, as well as others who represent City boards and commissions, business groups, nonprofits, institutions, seniors and youth, and other interests. Each City Council Member appointed two members of the GPAC and the Mayor appointed the remainder.

Members of the GPAC are:

  • Aboud, Jackie
  • Bassett, Randal
  • Cothran, Phil
  • Cuellar, Lisa
  • Eshleman, David
  • Fort, Todd
  • Jorritsma, Doug
  • Judson, Dr. Shawn
  • King, Reggie
  • Lewis, Randall
  • Long, Jonnie
  • Lowe, Issac
  • Mancha, Manuel
  • Marquez, Danny
  • Murad, Johnny
  • Nielson, Karina
  • Ornelas, Edward
  • Ponce, Kathy
  • Quiroz, Victor
  • Rodriguez, Carlos
  • Sanchez, Idilio
  • Vasquez, Laura